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Blackjack Online at Casilando

Blackjack Online: Blackjack, more commonly referred to as 21, is one of the most popular table games in both land-based and online casinos. Blackjack is appreciated by players due to its entertainment value and the fact that it’s extremely easy to learn and understand. The game of blackjack is widely available in both land-based and online casino establishments and provides players with the best possible odds of beating the house.

Playing blackjack is extremely exhilarating, the rules are very simple, and there’s plenty of possibilities for high strategy. For instance, an experienced player, playing the perfect game, and who can count cards will usually have the odds in their favour. However, even if you’re a casual player with a reasonably good game, you will realise that the odds are far less in a game of blackjack as opposed to slot games, thereby making blackjack a very attractive casino game. You will first need to fully understand the basic rules of blackjack before you can start playing the game. Playing Blackjack online is becoming more popular every year.

Basic Rules of Blackjack Online

The main objective of blackjack is to simply beat the dealer. Playing Blackjack online is working exactly the same. Most players will think that the objective of the game is to reach 21 or get as close as possible to 21, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. To beat the dealer you either need to have a total exceeding the dealer’s hand or by not busting (having a total of more than 21) when the dealer does. Once you understand the objective, you will need to learn the card values in a game of blackjack, especially if you are new to the game. All card values in blackjack will count their face value. The Ace will either count as 11 or 1, and all picture card will count 10 points. The four different suites will have no contribution to the game and the cards in your hand will be the total sum of the card values. For instance, a hand consisting of 4-5-8 will total 17 and a hand consisting of 5-K will total 15. The Ace will always be counted as 11, unless you exceed 21. Then it will count a value of 1.


Once the dealer hand or your hand exceeds 21, this will be considered a bust and if either hand is a bust, the other player will win. For instance, you are a dealt a 7-9 and request another card that displays a 10, you will bust as your total hand value is 26. In blackjack, you will also hear of a soft hand and a hard hand. A hard hand is a hand without an ace, or if it does contain an ace, it will only count as 1, whereas a soft hand is a hand consisting of an ace that will count 11 points. Regardless if you are playing in a land-based casino or an online casino, the table layout will remain the same. The game of blackjack is enjoyed on a semicircular table that normally seats seven players. There’s usually a circle or square box situated in front of every play, known as the betting spot, where players can place casino chips to make a wager. A dealer will be responsible for dealing cards and pay winnings, while in an online casino a computer will deal cards and take care of winning bets to be paid in full.

The basic rules of blackjack remain the same for the dealer as well with a few slight alterations. Dealers will not be able to take any insurance as they are responsible for paying winning wagers. Dealers also won’t be allowed to double down, surrender, or be able to split their hand. They are further limited with when they stand or hit. In most land-based casinos and online casinos, the dealer will stand on 17 and always hit on 16.

Betting and Playing Options

Players often lack the knowledge of the various playing and betting options available in a game of blackjack, especially those who play online. Therefore, you will find the main playing options below along with a brief explanation for you to understand how they operate and what they do:

Deal: After you placed your chips in the square box, or betting circle, you are welcome to go ahead and select the Deal button. The blackjack dealer will then draw playing cards, initially two cards from the deck, and place both in front of you and thereafter deal two cards for himself with only one playing card facing up. Once the cards have been dealt, you can make one of the following choices, depending on the variant of blackjack you are playing:

Stand: If you are happy with your two initial cards and satisfied with the total value, you are more than welcome to stand. If you decide to stand, there will be no additional playing cards dealt and this will show the dealer that you are satisfied with your current hand value.

Hit: If you are not satisfied with your two initial cards, you are welcome to hit. This will indicate that you wish to receive an additional card to improve your overall hand value. The dealer will then draw another card and add it to your current hand to get you closer to 21. You can continue to hit as many times as you like without going over 21.

Split: Should you be dealt the same card values, such as 4-4, you will have the option to split. This will create two hands and will also cost an additional bet. You will now have two hands to play with to reach 21 against the dealer.

Double Down: This will allow you to double your bet after your two initial cards have been dealt. The double down bet will only give you one additional card thereafter. So, be careful. But if you win, you will win double your wagered amount.

Surrender: If you wish to surrender, half your total bet will be taken by the dealer and you will receive the remaining half back into your cash balance. This is used when you think your hand value won’t beat the dealer’s hand.

Insurance: When the dealer’s hand consists of an Ace, face-up, you can take insurance. This is available in case the dealer shows 21. Should the dealer indeed have blackjack, you will win 2 to 1 on your insurance bet.

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